Eljer All In A Box Toilet Kits Review

I wanted to let people know a little about these toilet kits you get at your Menards, Lowe’s, and Home Depot stores, so that you are all a little informed on the pro’s and con’s when purchasing these kits.


Time savers – Everything needed to install them is in that one box saving you time and trouble from having to go shop around the store looking for everything needed to install a toilet. Some kits even come with plastic disposable tools for tightening down the nuts and bolts.

Water savers – Most of these toilets are low consumption 1.6 gallons per flush.
Money savers – As far as the pricing goes you are saving money by getting the kit rather then having to purchase the toilet seats, the johnny bolts and the wax ring all separate.


Weight – One box can weight over 90lbs and can be difficult to get into a small car.

Wax Ring – The wax ring on some of these kits can be low quality or not thick enough to make for a proper seal, causing your toilet to leak.

Water supply line not included – When I’m installing these I recommend installing a new supply line, because the old one’s are usually worn out and they will not seal properly therefor leading to leaks. So if you buy these kits and get home to install it you might have to run back to the store and buy a supply line.

I have installed toilets from local plumbing supply houses and use to swear by those, but I have come to realize that the toilets from these kits are getting better and these kits are not only beneficial for the consumer but for us plumbers as well.